German Sterinborgh piano, with high-end quality by Beginning  - Using German company technology data, since the first piano made, Sterinborgh piano is famous for its superior quality,

Please look for the German Sterinborgh-LOGO and the German government approved trademark / authorization:

Germany: the Federal Republic of Germany (sterinborgh.Germany)
Pure music, H ö cluster spielgenuss – Germany sterinborgh pianothat EDDS design and zeitlose eleganz:schlanke and a light ship,warm and friendly hole and modische and modern kurven. One who will be in the signierung DES ö nliche designers and unique seriennummer stopped - ü R nests to protect the F DES instrument.

Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:
•ADD : Augarten Strasse 66,D-68165 Mannheim,Germany.
•TEL : +49 0621 48342981
•FAX : +49 0621 48342989

Germany Sterinborgh company - China Shanghai branch China/ Foreign factory:
•ADD:NO.301 to 305 Huangzhao Road Pudong District Industrial Zone,Shanghai China

Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany - China Beijing branch office.BJ:
ADD:NO. 130 building four floor(shops) west of Wangjing Garden Chaoyang District Beijing China

Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:-China distribution [Sales Department / management center]:
ADD:605 unit sales center .No. 502 Songbai Sunshine Garden Xiamen China.
Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:--Xiamen China【after sale service center /4S factory:】:
•ADD:NO. 256 to 258 Chengnan Road Tongan District Xiamen China.

(North District)National unified telephone : 400-6600-430 line [16]
The group company's factory service operator : 86-05926666908878333
 (six South District) telephone : +86-0592-5079968 line [2]]FAX: 0592-5360833.
(twoSouth District)telephone:+86-0592-5065065[switchboard]FAX: 0592-5065068.


Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:-- Hong Kong office. HK. :
•ADD : 29A II building Le Hu Ju Kingswood Villas tian shui wei yuan lang Hong Kong.
•TEL :  +00852 5376 0884  
•FAX :  +00852 6740 0418

Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:-- Shenzhen, China liaison office. SZ. :
•TEL :  +0086 150 1896 0884
•TEL : +0086 150 1896 0884

Sterinborgh GmbH. Germany:-- authorized Only:
The official web site.of Germany :
The official web site.of great China District :   

【Germany.】Contact mail:
【Sterinborgh great China District No.6 Marketing Department 】Contact mail:

Tips [STERINBORGH A] attentions about Buy piano :
Account of the logistics and product quality assurance and other various factors, we do not make any commitment to the responsibility of the three packages of cross regional sales of products and services;
Consultation on regional agents or genuine check list, [consulting regional agents list and contact way] please buy series, type, area,
Intention to purchase real name, contact mobile phone, delivery address and other information; need factory as genuine inspection [], please buy series, model, sellers
The receipt stamped, piano feature. [Code] g - No. Guoqin [Certificate]... And other information to be provided with pictures to our products
Card services.
Tips [STERINBORGH B] attentions about Buy piano:
[specific models and prices to sell real scene quotation or unified national sales price sign shall prevail.
The drawings and relevant data and information, are derived from the German company Steinberg [Sterinborgh GmbH.Germany] the source database DE619-DE758
The relevant documents, when you read or appreciation, the related product information may have changed; in the delivery period, the German company Steinberg [Sterinborgh Gm
BH.Germany] technology, database researchers and manufacturers to change and enhance the product design, style, color and material specifications
Right; these technologies to enhance and change the order and the interests of dealers, believe that users have the same rationality; in the technology department, the number of source
According to the library staff and manufacturers use text, symbols to describe the order or change the product configuration materials, alone may not cause any rights; pictures and text is shown
Annex and matching project may not belong to the basic configuration. Some functions and configuration, it may not suitable for Asian area; because of the printing, color
Can be slightly different with the physical. The latest information consult the German company Steinberg [Sterinborgh GmbH.Germany] authorized dealer. Drawings and related
The data for information transmission, the German company Steinberg [Sterinborgh GmbH.Germany] technology, the source database researchers and manufacturers keep products
Improve the update rights, the specific information to the organ shall prevail.
The German company Steinberg [Sterinborgh GmbH.Germany] technology, the source database researchers and manufacturers keep change or improvement of products at any time
The rights and obligations; if there is improvement and change, without prior notice.

Germany mail:
Chinese E-mail:
Contact QQ-1:QQ5997805; QQ-2:QQ2524460302;
Contact QQ-3:QQ1776615844; QQ-4:QQ2386802835; China can contact the QQ mailbox in the working day.
Mobile phone short message service A-B: [0] 18-060-999998 [only] mobile phone text messages, [0] 182-060-66668 [only] mobile phone short message
Mobile phone short message service C-D: [0] 18-250-888898 [only] mobile phone text messages, [0] 18-250-888868 [only] mobile phone short message
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Min ICP No. 06003888
National unified telephone: 400-6600-430
Operator: [86]592-5065065/5065068
Fax: [86]592-5065068

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